Pakistan desperately needs a literacy day

It’s perfectly fine for people at the highest level of an establishment to have less knowledge about certain issues, but to publicly display and almost gloat over your own ignorance, requires certain amount of dim-wittedness, which is difficult to possess.

If there’s one country which has the capability to master this art is Pakistan. Following is a list to expose Pakistan’s dilutions and lack to proper education that has contributed to it becoming a rogue state.

Chandrayaan-2 and Pakistan’s obsession: –

Early Saturday morning India’s Chandrayaan-2 faced a jolt, when ISRO lost contact with Vikram Lander. This was enough for so called Federal Minister for Science & Technology Government of Pakistan to mock and ridicule India and ISRO. Have a look at some of his tweets: –

It’s needless to say that he has got nothing to do with science, technology or research. If he had gone to school, he would know that it’s “India” not “Endia”. Moreover, science is about research and experiments. Hence, it’s always worth taking “Panga” i.e. trying or experimenting.

About “Wasting Money” probably this come from the economic crisis that his country faces. So, we can be little considerate and empathetic towards his sentiments.

But he doesn’t stop here, in his reply to a twitter user, he gloats over suicide bombers. As if, it’s path breaking invention and something to be proud of. Since, he deleted that tweet, fearing the consequences here’s the snapshot.

All these are reaction to a mission by India, in which the efforts of Indian scientists are being praised all over the world.

So, before commenting on such issues, it would be better for him to at least get educated by scientists and scholars in Pakistan, if there are any. Because even that is being questioned by some.

Personal Smart Bombs of Pak Railways minister: –

Pakistan’s federal minister for Railways in an recent interview claimed  that his country possess smart nuclear bombs, which will only target Hindus in India. Either Pakistan has successful and singularly invented such booms or he is lying.

It’s obvious, he is lying but to make such ill informed claims is not only hilarious but dangerous as well, because these people hold important positions in Pakistan. They make such sweeping remarks and talk about nuclear bombs as if nuclear bombs will be or are quite friendly towards them.

Someone in Pakistan need to educate these nincompoops that nuclear weapons are not for the usage as they suggest, but countries only possess them as deterrence.

Crisis in Higher education: –

Doctors of Pakistan are amidst crisis and soon will no longer be considered eligible to practice in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia derecognizes Pakistani postgraduate degree programmes – MS (Master of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) – as acceptable qualifications for a medical licence (

As per media reports, The Saudi ministry found that the degrees lacked essential medical training required for senior jobs. Now, this is the standard of higher studies in Pakistan.

6TH September “Defence of Pakistan day”: –

6TH September, for us Indians is as ordinary as any other day, but in Pakistan it is celebrated as a day when 1965 war against India began. They also believe or are made to believe that they won that war. Now, it’s basic understanding, as to how to decide who won a war and who didn’t is, just by looking at the objectives of the war.

All the war that are fought between Indian and Pakistan, they all are initiated by Pakistan and their primary objective is to Solve Kashmir issue or capture Kashmir militarily. Since the objective is not achieved and Pakistan is still crying about Kashmir, then to celebrate 6th sept is a bit concocted.  

According to Maj Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik who planned operation Gibraltar “this operation was lunched to defreeze the Kashmir problem, Weaken Indian resolve and bring India to conference table without provoking a general war”. Hence, the gain from this war for Pakistan is an absolute zilch.

Pakistan needs to educate its citizens about it.

Imran Khan needs History and Geography lessons: –

But, how can we expect things to improve in Pakistan, when the ambassador of “Naya Pakistan” i.e. PM of Pakistan also needs lessons in history and geography. As according to him, Germany and Japan are neighbouring countries and they share borders. According to him they also fought against each other in world war II. (

Historians and scholars in Pakistan should check, if this is what is taught in Pakistan. Fact is, as per geography, Japan is in East Asia and Germany is in Europe. As per history, Germany and Japan fought together in world war II.

As world celebrates “international literacy day” on 8th September. We hope better sense will prevail in the Pakistan. They should declare a day as national literacy day and educate their people about all such misconceptions.


Jokers in Pakistan are on fire

After modification of article 370 in J&K by Indian Government some in Pakistan have gone bonkers. Watch and enjoy !

Note:- People ranting below are public personalities in Pakistan

Ex Captain of Pakistan cricket team:-

The “Tauba Tauba” fame Pakistani journalist:-

Some “Rabi Pirzada” a Pakistani singer in her elements:-

These days Railway Minister of Pakistan is high on something:- He introduces new invention “Smart Bombs”

And He is at it again:-

Trains stopped in Pakistan to show solidarity with Kashmir:- Sheikh Rasheed effect.??

Somewhat familiar Abdul Basit:-

History lessons for “Selected PM”:-

Pakistan A Country or Conundrum

Glimpses of Pakistan as a country and its people

Just trying to log material (Tweets, articles and reports) by several media outlets journalists and public figures available online with regards to Pakistan. Yes, intention is to judge. Judge the country, it’s people and its establishment.

PM of Pakistan:-

Pakistan and it’s rouge nature:- Who is the Boss ?

Atrocities, Human Rights violations & forced conversions etc:-

Absurdity, Insensitivity, Inciting violence, Instigating people and Fake news propagated by offices bearers in Pakistan establishment:-

Why Pakistan is so Rattled and Desperate?

Modification of article 370 by Indian Government has completely bamboozled Pakistan. Just a couple of weeks back Pakistan and it’s establishment were celebrating, about the so called “offer to mediate on Kashmir” by U.S. President Donald Trump, Which India denied categorically (

This incident was considered as a diplomatic coup by Imran Khan, in Pakistan. They didn’t even realise that they are dealing with a government in India which is extremely Proactive and Aggressive in their Pakistan policy. Before 2015, the element of surprise was always with Pakistan but in current dispensation situation is reversed. Every single mischief by Pakistan is responded disproportionately.

Following steps taken by India in recent years, have shocked Pakistan to its core: –

This is a paradigm shift in the way India’s Pakistan policy has changed to “Offensive”.

After India Modified article 370 in J&K, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister and Pakistan’s Prime Minister are hogging all the headlines in Pakistan and India. On one hand Pakistan’s Foreign Mister for his failures to get international support and on the other hand Pakistan’s PM is sounding more like an extreme leftist/secularist from India.

In his Rant against India and specifically Mr. Modi on 14th august 2019, he sounded more like a familiar Left Liberal and Pseudo Secularist from India ( Let’s try to pick some key pointer from his speech and end the dilution that Imran khan is living with.

Secularism: –

How on earth can a Pakistani PM even talk about Secularism? Imran Khan needs to be remained that, he is a PM of a “THEOCRATIC” Rouge state. Hence, neither he, nor anyone in his country, who is OK being Part of a theocratic state should ever claim to be Secular. Basic principal of this western concept of “Secularism” is the separation between religion and state and Pakistan is a “Islamic Republic”( Hence, Pakistan can’t be a secular country.

So, If Imran Khan want’s to be taken seriously, first he should bring a constitutional amendment and change “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” stuff in the Pakistan’s Constitution.

Once he’s done with that, he should look to improve the conditions of minorities in Pakistan, as they are fast decreasing, since its independence. Minorites in Pakistan are being attacked regularly and forcefully converted. See this report(

At last, he should learn, how to wish people on important festivals, he can take a cue from Mr. Modi or for that matter any other Indian. See the comparison: –

Imran Khan: –

Narendra Modi: –

We in Indian believe festivals like Eid and Diwali are not confined to a specific community. They are for all to celebrate.

Democracy: –

To judge the health of democracy in a country, vibrancy of following pillars is a must: –

  • Judiciary
  • Executive
  • Legislature
  • Media

So, let’s examine the condition of two important pillars:  “Judiciary and Media” in the context of Pakistan: –

Judiciary: –

Judiciary in Pakistan is a rubber stamp of its establishment. What can be expected from a judiciary, which can’t even bring internationally declared terrorists to task. Not even a single terrorist designated by United Nation is properly prosecuted in Pakistan. Those who were put behind bars had access to all the facilities. For example: Terrorists like Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi ( were busy making babies (

In which other country an elected PM gets sacked and put behind without proper investigation and trial. Let me list the opposition leaders currently locked up in Pakistan: –

  1. Nawaz Sharif, Ex PM (
  2. Maryam Nawaz (
  3. Shahid Khaqan Abbas Ex PM (
  4. Asif Zardari Ex-President (
  5. Rana Sanaullah (

Among all the above-mentioned leaders only Nawaz Sharif is convicted. Another former President of Pakistan is on a run from Pakistan, as a treason trial on him is going on in Pakistan. Hence, the less said, the better as far as Pakistan’s judiciary and rule of law is concerned.

Media: –

Media in Pakistan is gaged by its government. They are told by their Government, about what they should discuss what not, what position they need to take on certain issues etc. Several Pakistani journalists are raising the issues related to media freedom on social media. I am listing a few such cases:-

Lessons for Pakistan: –

We in Indian don’t believe everything is hunky-dory and we are perfect. We have issue in our society and governance, but that’s our internal matter and we’ll keep fixing them.

But Pakistan and Imran Khan need to remember one thing that Pakistan currently, recognized as a nation which harbours and supports Terrorism and Extremism. Pakistan first needs to look within and fix their own problems. It’s a sham democracy controlled by Generals in Pakistan Army. Not even a single elected PM could complete his/her tenure in Pakistan. They are nowhere close to Indian in any parameter of Development or Morality.

Also, India has changed the rules of the game forever. Current dispensation has already set very high standard of foreign Policy vis a-vis Pakistan. Any government in future will be judged with current parameters for their Pakistan policy. Also, Now, Indian PM doesn’t even need to mention the word “Pakistan” in his Independence Day speech.

May peace conquer Troubles and Fear in Kashmir

As Home Minister Amit Shah stood in parliament on 5th of August 2019, entire country with bated breath listened to him and within a few minutes an entire generation witnessed a historical moment in the life of our country. Yes, Article 370 scrapped. Sorry that’s factually inaccurate, As reported by India Today ( “Special status” granted under article 370 is removed.

I am not an expert on J&K neither have I visited J&K till now. My only understanding of Kashmir is through movies, new paper, new channels & books. Hence, I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of this policy shift. However, there are millions like me, who despite not knowing the place, keen to know what is happening in Kashmir.

The Kashmir intrigue: –

Why this intrigue about Kashmir is so etched in our hearts and minds? Perhaps, the answer lies in the news, stories and debates that surround Kashmir. Since our childhood we heard about scenic beauty surrounds this place. As poignantly described by Mughal Emperor Jehangir that’s near profound: “Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast (If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here)”.

But, that’s not all, there’s another dimension associate with J&K and that’s a long haul of insurgency, terrorism and radicalization that continues till date. We in India have no doubt in our minds that this madness is thrusted upon Kashmiris by Pakistan. Time and again sanctity of the Line of control is breached by the terrorists and radicals, infiltrated through porous borders along LOC. Pakistan has left no stone unturned, to radicalize local Kashmiris, if not then use terrorism as a weapon to make life hell for locals and rest of the country. This, is in my view, is most important reason, why even those, who never visited Kashmir are so intrigued about.

Article 370 and the debate around it: –

There are two distinct point of views on it. One set is for and one against it.

Those who are against Article 370, List following as the reasons: –

  • It’s a “temporary provision” of Indian Constitution. Under Part XXI of the Constitution of India which deals with Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions (
  • All the provisions of the Constitution which are applicable to other states are not applicable to the state of J&K, unless accepted by J&K assembly. As stated by Home minister Amit shah, in his statement in Rajya Sabha (, Laws related to child marriage, labour laws, reservation for Dalits and tribal etc.

Those who are for Article 370, List following as the reasons: –

  • It’s a privilege bestowed upon Kashmiris. As per Article 370 state’s residents live under a separate set of laws, related to citizenship, ownership of property etc.
  • Parliament requires state government’s concurrence for applying any law. Hence, it empowers them to pick and choose Laws as per their convenience.

Which ever side of the debate one stands one thing is for sure that article 370 is changes and that’s a truth, unless this decision is challenged in the courts. Chances are it surly will get challenged. It remains to be seen, as to what is the view of Supreme Court on this matter is.

Challenges for current dispensation: –

Over the years, different governments in their tenures, tried several ways and measure to make sure that, peace returns to Kashmir. But Despite all the efforts situation remains grim. So, what is it, that with changes in article 370 present government is trying to achieve? There’s no doubt that it was a part of BJP’s election manifesto ( page 12, point 14). BJP views article 370 (in its earlier form) as an obstacle that comes in the way of development. 

Hence, it’s upon current dispensation to work in lines stated by PM Modi in his address to the nation on 9th August 2019 ( Now, it’s upon this government to implement everything promised as visible on ground.

Article 370 and people outside Kashmir: –

As this step was taken all kind of point of views, debates, insinuations and innuendoes came to fore. In this day and age of information influx, every bit of information travels rapidly. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we exercise restraint. Irresponsible comments on social media, like queries about rates of plots in Kashmir etc. are unnecessary it only gives ammunition to the anti-India forces.

People should stay away from claiming victory. No country declares victory, over its own people. Infect, PM Modi advised the same to his cabinet colleagues (  at 3:31 minutes). We should also keep in mind there are several Kashmiris living in other parts of the country and world are not able to contact their families yet, due to restriction applied by the administration. I am sure these restrictions are precautionary and as time passes by, these restrictions will be eased.

We are also nearing festivals. We hope by then things improve and the restriction are eased further or removed, as deemed fit. At last, may peace returns to Kashmir.

Zomato a ‘Controversy’ that wasn’t

On Tuesday, July 30 as reported by The Hindu BussinessLine ( and many other media platforms is that one of the users (@NaMo_SARKAAR) of Zomato refused to receive delivery by a non-Hindu delivery executive (attached is the snapshot of his tweet). Now, this has become a big controversy on social media platforms and media.

Reasons contributing for this issue turning into such a big controversy are the tweets from @ZomatoIN in reply to that user said “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.” ( and its founder @deepigoyal tweeted saying “We are proud of the idea of India – and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. We aren’t sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values.” ( Did they tweet something controversial or incorrect? answer: not really. Then, why it became such a big controversy? Because @ZomatoIN didn’t simply decline the request to change the delivery boy, had they done that the matter would have ended their and no one would have got to know about issue.

Instead, @ZomatoIN decided to make a statement out of it. It’s their choice to do so. Once they took that path, it opens for debates, discussions and usual binaries of “for or against” Zomato. @UberEats_IND ( also jumped into it, showing their solidarity with @ZomatoIN. Now, hashtags like #BoycottUberEats #IDontStandWithAmit #BoycottZomato are trending on twitter.

It’s a needless controversy at the first place. There shouldn’t be any doubt that the request made by the customer to change the delivery boy because of his religion is incorrect and cannot be supported at all. Not because the delivery bay is from X religion, he could have been from any religion such a request would have still stayed incorrect. One can’t deny people from doing their jobs on the bases of religious likes or dislikes.

Just because someone is from different faith doesn’t mean you have to dislike that person and you can’t have any social, personal or professional engagement with that person. This sort of thinking is not right for the society and of extremely harmful consequence, if not corrected. Today that delivery boy was from religion X, tomorrow he could be from another religion and then where will it end? and where will it take us?

There’s another point of view on this debate, that, what about personal choice? In this case, customer asked if delivery boy can be changed, associated organization declined it and user cancelled the order, matter ended. So, what’s the big deal? It’s a personal choice of the customer to choose a product and its delivery medium (If organization allows it, in this case it didn’t). What’s the big deal?

Problematic part in this entire debate is the schooling @ZomatoIN and @deepigoyal tried to give that customer and others about “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion” & “Idea of India” & respectively. Certainly, denying people to perform their duties based on their religion can’t be appreciated and it’s also against the sprint of our constitution but there isn’t ‘ONE’ Idea of India.

“Idea of India”: –

To quote former Prime Minister of India Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee “India is not a piece of land, but a living entity”. Hence, it can’t have one idea. India is home to People with different sets of beliefs (some good, some need to be amended as per time) and values. So, let’s not pretend to know the Idea of India.

“Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion”: –

This is even more problematic and disingenuous defence, which wasn’t even required in the first place. Zomato a restaurant search and discovery service, which has tags for Jain food, Vegan Food & Navratri Thalis and Halal, as per their own admission ( should have never said that. Of course, all the above-mentioned categories are based on the religious choices and there’s nothing incorrect in giving these options to the customer but the they are based on the choice made in consonance with varying religious beliefs.

Hence, to say that “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion” is incorrect. One set of customers won’t consume food from another set and that’s based on their religious choices. That’s they very reason these tags are provided.

This controversy would have never come to fore had @ZomatoIN just conveyed to the customer that we don’t allow our customers to choose from our delivery boys. Now, with this controversy the social media is completely divided, and it only deepens the divisions that already exist in the society and brackets people for their views.

What purpose will it serve to the idea of India. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that we don’t discriminate on the bases of religion and respect VALID individual choices.

“Intolerance” …!!! They are at it again

As reported by several media platforms including India Today on July 24, 2019 (, 49 Signatories wrote to the PM about raising intolerance in the country, once again. Every citizen in the country has the right to question the PM and government on any issue, no one should question their step as it’s their democratic right.

Similarly, anyone can question these celebrities for their intentions and their biases. With several social media platforms and other digital portals even the commoners can express their opinion on anything. Now, these celebrities, no more enjoy a special status in the society where they are beyond questions. Not only will they be questioned for their performance but for their opinion as well.

Before commenting on the letter, we should be very clear that atrocities against any section of the society are condemnable. All Such acts should be dealt with the full force of the law enforcement agencies. They should also be fast tracked, so that it instils the fear in minds and the hearts of perpetrators. In any healthy democracy, right to violence should only be with state.

Now coming back to this intolerance debate. How many of these so-called celebrities were known to us before this letter? We can count on fingers. Also, it’s interesting to note, that some of them are famous for their hatred towards current dispense, more so for Mr. Modi. Some of them signed a letter written before 2019 elections reported by Thewire on 06/APR/2019 (, asking people to not vote for BJP. So, it’s business as usual for a few of them.

Hence, Let’s not get into the whataboutery and remind everyone about their influence on general public, which is now clear, as several such attempts made by them since 2015 are of no consequence. We are aware of “Award wapsi” before bihar election in 2015, as reported on ( That actually was the starting point for this headline management stunt.

However, we can suggest following points which these celebrities can refer in future before trying similar entices: –

• These celebrities should have the basic understanding that Law and Order is a state subject. So, it’s ok to write a letter to PM, but they should not forget to write similar letters to the CMs of states, where the incidents took place.

• They should include atrocities committed to all the sections of the society. Instead of mentioning word like Minorities, Dalits etc. because a crime is crime and it shouldn’t matter who was the victim. As before law it doesn’t matter.

• They should write similar letter to a government or CM other than BJP at least once. Till now no such instance could be found. They missed the bus before 2014, as they could have found several opportunities with array of scams and riots like Muzaffarnagar.

Unless they feel that everything was perfectly fine then, and people of this country were stupid to kick that government and leadership out of the power in 2014 and again in 2019.

• They should add more diversity and some new faces in the list of signatories. This time at least 30 signatories are Bengalis, including those who will sign on any letter written to criticize this government. This will make sure that people won’t related these stunts with upcoming elections.

• If they are seriously worried about the issue, then they should stay away from making political insinuations and innuendos Like “Jai Shree Ram” in this letter. Otherwise such utterances take the nuance out of the argument. There’s no denying that such cases have also come to the fore, but then in some cases it’s stated by the investigating agencies itself that it was a fake new.

• They can also suggest a few steps that government should take to stop these incidents. It will help in creating an atmosphere of dialog and stop the chain of confrontation.

• They should also avoid involving convicts like Binayak Sen ( as it raises serious questions about their credibility. It actually enforces the concept of “Urban Naxals” which they keep
complaining about.

So, if these celebrities want to be taken seriously, without their intentions and credibility being questioned, they can refer to these points. If they don’t follow proper channels and keep writing such letters, neither government nor general public will take them seriously. They have already become a laughing stock at the cafeterias.

Mandate of 2019 and misconceptions spread by Left Liberals

As results of 2019 elections are out and analysis of the results have started, one thing that’s extremely disturbing and seriously ill informed is the way left liberals in India are trying to decry this mandate. Following are some of the lazy conclusions about these results: –

BJP ran a communal campaign:-

This election perhaps has seen one of the most vitriolic campaigns in the history of Indian elections. However, if one has followed the public and political discourse in the past few years won’t be surprised by it. Is BJP alone responsible for it? Answer is ‘NO’ EC took actions for irresponsible statements cross the political spectrum.
Sections of media also confuse sternness against Pakistan as communal, this is extremely unfair to the minorities in India. Indians in general irrespective of their faith are nationalist.

BJP ran this campaign with an underlying theme of nationalism:-

There’s no doubt that Nationalism was of the most important factor of BJP’s campaign. However, one is not sure what is wrong with it. Afterall who has stopped other political parties to do the same. If national security can be part of the election campaigns in other democracies, why can’t it be a part of election campaign in India?
Infect, in the past India has seen some of the worst terrorist attacks but still such matters couldn’t be part of election campaigns, hence, compromising the national security.

Burning issues like job crisis and farmer distress were sidelined:-

Yes, it’s partially true that issue regarding generation of jobs was not a election issue. Though the electorate also agrees that this is a big issue, but it has always been an issue in the country. So, they are not ready to believe that if they change their voting patter, the issue of job crises can be addressed.
Infect, people believe that current government is best placed to solve this issue.

Similarly, farmer distress is also an issue which is not new, and people have seen how earlier governments have dealt with this issue. Infect, some of the farmers have received their initial instalments of “Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi” as is been covered by some media outlets, also contributed to the trust that current government enjoys among farmers.
However, it is to be seen, how this government will further their efforts on these fronts.

BJP controlled media and was able to set a narrative which suits it:-

This is completely baseless to believe that people vote as per who they watch on TV or read about in print. This charge needs to be backed by some proof. Of Corse they with watch what they like to watch and read what they wish to read.

Afterall Media has also become a game of TRPs, so, who gets them the most TRPs is also covered more. Is it right? This needs to be debated but why blame BJP for it.

Also, what needs to be asked is, why some of the contenders of PM’s post did not give full fledged TV interviews? Who stopped them for doing it? Isn’t it their responsibility to answer questions of media? Or is it only the responsibility of an incumbent? As a challenger people want to know what your plans for the country are?
Infect, it’s blatant lie that other opposition parties did not get the opportunity of set their narrative. We witnessed the frenzy created around the campaign of Priyanka Gandhi. Results in U.P. have busted that balloon.

Modi took advantage of TINA (There is no alternative) factor:-

Yes, this issue has played a lot in these elections. People had a clear leader in Mr. Modi on the other hand they were not sure on the options. However, this is not the reason of this mandate had opposing declared a candidate even then result would have been the same.

Following are some of the issues that need to be analyzed in the context this mandate: –

Micro economic issues
1. Toilets in rural areas
2. LPG Cylinders
3. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi
4. Housing
5. Electrification
National Security
1. Surgical Strikes
2. Air strikes
Strong and decisive leadership
Following are some of the decisions taken which may have caused some issue for the people in general but they believe these are good reforms and are required for the country. However, these issues are more known to the more educated and urban electorate.
1. Demonetization
2. GST
3. BC
Clean Government
Check on Inflation

A-SAT missile and Nehru connection as per Left Liberals

Lie and repeat the lies is the best full time job of left liberals. As soon as the news about the launch of ASAT missile broke, left liberals were at their job of peddling lies and conspiracy theories.

Let’s examine all the absurdity unleashed after this historic event.

Conspiracy Theories –

Timing of the launch:-

Organizations like ISRO and DRDO belong to highly talented professionals. They work on projects with specific targets. A high priority and sensitive project like this in which international players are involved requires Governments pre approval, after approval and completion of task it’s futile to delay it.

As per the Government, approval for this project (not the initial plan) was given in 2014. So it’s entirely fair if Government chooses the timing. It’s obvious that they will chose a date and reapes maximum benifits. It’s perfectly fine for a government to claim credit for a mission which required political will. Governments are voted to take Tough Decisions\Decisions, not to sit over them.

No one stopped earlier Governments to do the same. However, they chose not to take any call this matter. So, better luck next time.

India already had blueprints of this capability in 2011-12. So why is it launched now? :-

Yes, It’s already in the public domain through multiple media outlets that this capacity was available by 2011-12. However, Vijay Kumar Saraswat who was Director General of the DRDO stated that Government did not give green signal to the project. So, there’s no point in repeating the same mistake again. It’s very clear that future warfare would include such capabilities as well.

Violation of EC’s Model code of conduct ? :-

Election Commission of India is looking into this matter. However, it important to analyze, how feasible is it to wait for EC’s permission for such tactical issues ? Does
EC’s Model code of conduct means that sitting PM becomes lame duck ? What if a there’s situation of natural calamity or war ? These are important questions and someone needs to ask.

Lies –

All scientific achievements are because of Nehru :-

Yes, Mr. Nehru established several institutions as PM after independence as any other PM would have done. Though to suggest that since he established institution therefore he’s responsible for the achievements in 2019 is a bit of a stretch. It’s one thing to have resources and to use them judiciously is a separate issue. Hence, UPA has lost this opportunity like many in 2011-12.

ISRO established by Nehru :-

Some Left liberals used social media platforms to spread lies like ISRO was established by Mr. Nehru. This is a blatant lie because ISRO was established on 15th August 1969, Pandit ji died on 27th May 1964.

HAL established by Nehru :-

This event was used by some to bring even HAL also into the conversation. HAL was established on 23 December 1940 by Walchand Hirachand. So, no Nehru connection is this as well.

Bottom line is left liberals have a pathological hatred towards Mr. Modi. They are OK to spread lies but won’t give credit to Mr. Modi. Even if, he takes important policy decision which are in the larger interest of the country.

Intellectually Bankrupt Left liberals of India

A man who democratically gets elected as CM of a state multiple times without fail, then gets elected as PM with full majority after 30 years, is also a front runner for his 2nd term as PM must definitely be a performer. He is bound to be popular & will have million of supporters.

Since his supporters are termed as bhakts, what term should be used for supporters of a man who held no Constitutional position or a responsible post in his life, who is only accused of giving irresponsible statements ,peddling lies and goof ups in speeches and whose only eligibility is his family ?           

Is it really fair to put people in such brackets only on the basis of disagreements? It’s extremely unfortunate that those who started these binaries are now complaining about it. Yes I’m talking about the left liberal elite of India.

It’s very easy for Left liberals in India to attribute such titles and bracket people in categories. However, they cry foul if favour is returned. They need to learn fast that gone are the days when only they could set the narrative they feel like without any opposition or questions. Now they will be challenged every time they try to pedal a propaganda that suits them.