A global Pandemic and it’s China connection

No, I am not among those, who believe in the conspiracy theories with regards to COVID 19 and their china connection. I believe that there are even more serious things at stake here and these conspiracy theories are just diverting attention from actual issues. let’s first have a look at conspiracy theories floating around: –

  • This virus is created in Chinese Lab.
  • China used this virus as a weapon.

Let’s try to analyse these theories in detail.

This virus is created in Chinese Lab: –

This theory is floating for some time now. Recently, even United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made similar claims. He later back tracked on it. The 2008 Nobel Laureate for physiology or medicine from France, Luc Antoine Montagnier also made similar claims. Now, if people at this level make such claims it’s difficult to contain such conspiracy theories. However, it is denied by WHO and Dr Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at WHO also clarified about it in Off The Cuff with Shekhar Gupta.

China used this virus as a weapon: –

This claim is also a continuation of the earlier claim. However, we need to think about it in detail before making such claims. Following are a few Points which point to the contrary of this claim.

  • China itself had to shut its cities and market for more than 2 months.
  • If at all this claim is true, then what explains the hit ‘Brand China’ has to suffer due to this pandemic. Surly this isn’t a sensible business decision.
  • Even if Chinese markets opened before rest of the world, but remaining world is still closed. So, how would it help Chinese businesses?

Issues which are more important and need worlds attention: –

We can understand that due to the mayhem caused by COVID 19 around the world, people around the world are blaming China. While some criticism is just rhetorical some is more meaningful. One such meaningful criticism is lack of transparency in the entire matter.

  • The way doctors/whistle-blowers who raised concerned about this issue were silenced is criminal. That delayed the attention this issue required by the entire world.
  • Researchers around the world complain about the lack of access to the data from china.
  • Hiding fatalities adding numbers mysteriously.
  • Continuing with the Live animal “wet markets”.

These are a few issues we are extremely serious and needs the attention of entire world then any thing else at this moment.
Lesson: –

Bottom line is things like these can’t happen and go unpunished in a democratic country. A democratic country respects and listens to its whistle-blowers, experts and cares for the autonomy of its institutions.