Raja Shuheldev & The Battle of Bahraich


This story is about Raja Shuheldev & The Battle of Bahraich. To understand the legacy of Raja Suheldev, we need to understand a few historical facts first: India’s northern regions were weakened due to the attacks by Mahmud Ghazni.
Mahmud Of Ghazni invaded India multiple times between year 1000 and year 1027. Mahmud Ghazni Died in year 1030. After his death, Muhammad Ghori invaded India in year 1175. In between these two invasions there is gap of more than a century. These historical facts raise a question: “Why no invasion took place for about a century”…?? Well. The answer to this question lies, somewhere, in the story of Raja Shuheldev & The Battle of Bahraich.

Raja Shuheldev was an Indian King from Shravasti born in year 995. Suhaldev was the eldest son of King Mordhwaj of Shravasti. Mentions about Raja Shuheldev can be found in Mirat-i-Masudi, written by sufi saint…

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