The story of Junagadh’s succession to India


On 4th August 2020, Pakistan released a new Map. As per this new Map, Entire Kashmir is Pakistan’s territory. This is very much in line with the rhetoric, so, this is something that can be digested. However, what’s surprising is the inclusion of JUNGAD in the Map.
This is something that has raised several eyebrows in India. Junagadh Is situated in present day Gujrat. The area claimed by Pakistan also has Somnath temple in it. However, Pakistan has kept the borders in the Aksai Chin Region Open ended, so that they don’t end up upsetting China.

As per India Independence act of 1947, Princely states of Indian were given following choices: –

  • Option to remain independent as a sovereign nation.
  • Option to merge with India
  • Option to merge with Pakistan.

These options allowed some of the princely states to think about staying as an independent Nation. This feeling was mostly…

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