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Recently, Israel and UAE signed a deal. In the wake of this deal Trump administration called it an โ€˜Abrahamic dealโ€™. This deal had outraged several Islamic countries for instance Pakistani Govt. in a statement said that it will not recognize Israel, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbasi called it โ€œA betrayal by friendsโ€ and recalled ambassador from UAE, Turkey, Iran and Hamas in Gaza have also opposed this deal.

Significance of this Deal:-

UAE till now refused to recognize Israel as a country, with this deal this situation is now reversed. So, this deal can also be considered as a peace deal between the two countries.

In order, to understand the fuss about the deal and issues of Israel with Arab world or Muslim countries, we need to understand the historic context.

Historical Context:-

Why this region has seen so much violence and what is the importance of this placeโ€ฆ??

To findโ€ฆ

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