Raja Shuheldev & The Battle of Bahraich

This story is about Raja Shuheldev & The Battle of Bahraich. To understand the legacy of Raja Suheldev, we need to understand a few historical facts first: India’s northern regions were weakened due to the attacks by Mahmud Ghazni.Mahmud Of Ghazni invaded India multiple times between year 1000 and year 1027. Mahmud Ghazni Died in… Continue reading Raja Shuheldev & The Battle of Bahraich

For those trending #Nepotism

If you genuinely feel about this issue, then Hash-Tagging alone is not the solution. If you don’t like an individual from the field of #Movies or #Media for any of the following reasons: Lack of talent (#Nepotism etc.)Opinions (Political or Social) *Behaviour/Values Then don’t allow that individual TVFC: - TicketsViewsFollowers (social media etc.)Clicks Also, don’t… Continue reading For those trending #Nepotism

A small man in a big office


“Im the Dim” is right description for the PM of Pakistan. It’s so profound whom so ever coined it. His speech at UN today underlines his hatred towards other religions, narrow thinking and shallow knowledge.

How silly it is to waste an opportunity where you can portray and present your country as an open, liberal and free society. Instead, he spends his entire time blabbering about extremism, terrorism and radicalism. But, what do you expect from the head of a theocratic (Islamic) State.

Contents of his speech today and for that matter his actions ever since he assumed the office are as follows:-

  • Defend jihadis
  • Propagate Prophet
  • Allege others for Islamophobia
  • Himself Suffers from Hinduphobia
  • Defame & Demean political opponents
  • Modi
  • RSS
  • Kashmir

Ya that’s what selected PM of Pakistan spends his time doing. Leader of Pakistan is visionless. All he has to offer is shallow ratoric and Nuclear threats…

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Jokers in Pakistan are on fire

After modification of article 370 in J&K by Indian Government some in Pakistan have gone bonkers. Watch and enjoy ! Note:- People ranting below are public personalities in Pakistan Ex Captain of Pakistan cricket team:- https://twitter.com/navneet_mundhra/status/1168048060674371584 The "Tauba Tauba" fame Pakistani journalist:- https://twitter.com/nailainayat/status/1168836137445744640 Some "Rabi Pirzada" a Pakistani singer in her elements:- https://twitter.com/mahwashajaz_/status/1168589497556246531 These days… Continue reading Jokers in Pakistan are on fire

Pakistan A Country or Conundrum

Glimpses of Pakistan as a country and its people Just trying to log material (Tweets, articles and reports) by several media outlets journalists and public figures available online with regards to Pakistan. Yes, intention is to judge. Judge the country, it's people and its establishment. PM of Pakistan:- https://twitter.com/anandmahindra/status/1165563775639883783 https://twitter.com/TahaSSiddiqui/status/1165591452082221056 https://twitter.com/ShivAroor/status/1161676342926032896 https://twitter.com/ZeeNews/status/1166297302195212288 Pakistan and it's… Continue reading Pakistan A Country or Conundrum

Why Pakistan is so Rattled and Desperate?

Modification of article 370 by Indian Government has completely bamboozled Pakistan. Just a couple of weeks back Pakistan and it’s establishment were celebrating, about the so called “offer to mediate on Kashmir” by U.S. President Donald Trump, Which India denied categorically (https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/trump-offers-to-mediate-kashmir-dispute-between-india-and-pakistan-1572363-2019-07-22). This incident was considered as a diplomatic coup by Imran Khan, in Pakistan.… Continue reading Why Pakistan is so Rattled and Desperate?